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Wurkspace is your office furniture design, planning and delivery destination in Baltimore, MD.

We have nationwide delivery and installation, equipping your office with the right furniture has never been easier. Whether you need to equip a large office building, a home office, or just require replacement office furniture, Wurkspace has the solution.

To some extent the social factors of status are preset and sometimes defined by how we perceive our surroundings. – Thomas Stinson

Office Furniture Planning & Design, Based in Baltimore

With an extensive range of office furniture, from desks, chairs and boardroom tables to furniture for hotels; Wurkspace has all your office, industrial and commercial furniture solutions.

  • Free consultation Space Planning
  • Nationwide Service, Delivery &¬†Installation
  • High Quality Brand Furniture

Why Use A Commercial Office Designer?

Interior design is “the art of designing the interior, often including the exterior, of a room or building”. Wurkspace is a company that coordinates and manages such projects. Proper conceptual development, management and execution of the design allow for your commercial office space to develop a sense of beauty and emotional power.

Customers make decisions at the gut level, because buying decisions are in truth almost always the result of a change in the customer’s or client’s emotional state.

Whether it’s impressing clients or instilling passion into the hearts and mind of your employees, having a professional office furniture design company can help curve the emotional balance needed to drive sales and attitudes into a forward motion.

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With more than a decade in the industry as office interior design specialists, we have a wealth of experience in every aspect of office design, providing all the best brand furniture. See the list below.

We take all the hassle from equipping an office, leaving you to get on with being successful in your business or venture.

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