Commercial Office Space Planning Guidelines

You need a space that is tailored to your business objectives and culture. Our senior level design team will space-plan your new environment, applying intelligent and functional designs to match your vision of the company’s future and help improve productivity.

Almost 90% of businesses have space is being wasted and used inefficiently.

It’s amazing how many businesses think they need to move to a larger building or new facility because they think they have outgrown their office space. Expanding the business by buying a new building, new leases and permits, etc.. is costly and inefficient when you compare it to the cost of having a professional design team.

Chances are high that your existing office is more than spacious enough to support the demand for growth.

Wurkspace looks at a variety of different space planning factors. It’s not just about design, it’s about saving time, money and improving productivity for everyone.

  • How is your commercial office space currently being used
  • How much time is spent in meeting rooms, at desks and in breakroom areas
  • How much space is used in different activities
  • Learn how your business presently works
  • Find out the way your employees interact with each other
  • Talk about your visions for the future of the business

In a commercial working environment, an efficient space makes teamwork and collaboration easier, increases productivity dramatically and can save you money on unnecessary hardware or new building costs, unused space and even electricity or heating.

Wurkspace Works With Innovative Companies

We create dynamic, energising workspaces that spark creativity, reinvigorate your staff and boost their morale. We design commercial office space so that they are welcoming, reassuring and impressive to your clients

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