HON Office Furniture – Products, Design & Consulting

Looking for HON office furniture? Wurkspace does design consulting, delivery and installation for HON office furniture.

Commercial Office Space Planning Guidelines

You need a space that is tailored to your business objectives and culture. Our senior level design team will space-plan your new environment, applying intelligent and functional commercial office furniture designs to match your vision of the company’s future and help improve productivity.

Almost 90% of businesses have space is being wasted and used inefficiently.

If you do decide to hire a design company like Wurkspace to help purchase, deliver, design and setup your workspace using commercial office furniture from HON, we can do all the hard work for you.

This design, delivery and installation of your HON furniture includes…

  • Interviewing staff
  • Strategizing with upper management
  • Learning how your business currently operates as it is
  • Lighting adjustments to avoid the ‘prison cell’ effect
  • Re-arranging communal areas to develop better comfort zones
  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses, we can find out where there is room for improvement, learning what should remain unchanged and what new innovations can be set in place.

Wurkspace Works With Innovative Companies

We create dynamic, energising workspaces that spark creativity, reinvigorate your staff and boost their morale. We design commercial office space so that they are welcoming, reassuring and impressive to your clients

Add some intelligence to your office. Call Wurkspace at 443-517-6106 for a complimentary consultation.