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Commercial Office Design Company Benefits

The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Office Design Company
If you are going to build or re-fit an office building there are many benefits in hiring a commercial office design company. Such a business will come up with ideas and suggestions that you may never have considered, but which will contribute to the overall success of […]

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Office Temperatures

Temperature Can Affect Staff Performance
Temperature is another factor that can affect staff performance. Many offices are now actually colder in summer than in winter. By increasing the set point for air conditioning upwards a couple of degrees in summer workers feel more comfortable and money is saved on the cost of running the air con.

Other […]

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Office Lighting & Desk Height

Height Adjustable Desks & Proper Lighting
Surveys have been done which include asking workers by email or phone how they are feeling at that exact moment. Another has been carried out which has proved that workers who have adjustable height desks at their work station show improved blood cholesterol and greater achievement of weight loss. Others […]

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Office Planning

Commercial Office Space Planning Guidelines
You need a space that is tailored to your business objectives and culture. Our senior level design team will space-plan your new environment, applying intelligent and functional designs to match your vision of the company’s future and help improve productivity.
Almost 90% of businesses have space is being wasted and used inefficiently.
It’s […]

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Office Size

How Much Commercial Office Space Do You Need?
Having a well made office space for people to work has been proven to increase productivity in workers and increase the overall look and feel of the company as a whole. It’s also helpful to have a good impression for clients who visit the space, which can lead […]

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