Temperature Can Affect Staff Performance

Temperature is another factor that can affect staff performance. Many offices are now actually colder in summer than in winter. By increasing the set point for air conditioning upwards a couple of degrees in summer workers feel more comfortable and money is saved on the cost of running the air con.

Other things that can improve productivity can be designed into the building. Google, for instance, along with others, has many offices where slides are incorporated into the design for employees to slide from one floor to a lower one rather than walk down stairs. It’s fun for employees and leads to the “feel good” factor.

Functionality obviously comes into play. For example, in some businesses there will need to be conference rooms or huddle rooms for discussions to take place in private. The current trend for lots of glass partitions is well and good, but doors into these will need to have gaskets if complete privacy is needed: failing this, conversations will be overheard by others. This is a simple thing, and one that many people will not know about, but is another of the benefits of employing a commercial office design company.